Thursday 15th September, (Esk).

We moved yesterday about 130Km south toward Brisbane to a small town of Esk. We had heard a few stories about Esk in our travels and decided to check it out. It seems funny that we had heard about Esk and not all the other small towns in the area. There are quite a few that looked quite nice, probable equal to or even better than Esk, so this will be an area to remember and come back to stay at the other small towns when we have some free time.

We have done our usual thing today and walked the town taking photos. This didn’t take long as there was basically only one street to walk, but interesting all the same. One thing that took my notice was the inclusion of the mountains as a backdrop to some of the shots.

The caravan park probably deserves no more praise than most we have stayed in, but it is a nice quiet place to stay for a while.

Friday 16th September, (Esk).

Today saw us tour around the lakes in the area, Somerset and Wivenhoe, which are the main water supplies for Brisbane. The lakes are actually quite large, even considering they are down to about 30%, and the dams holding them are equally large.

We then sat down and discussed our travel possibilities for next year, and semi decided we want to go to Darwin and down the West coast. The main problem, if it is that, is that Narrelle and Matt look like being in Melbourne until at least June 2006 and this will mean it is a bit late, temperature wise, to go through the outback. Looking at temperatures it looks as though if we were to make a few long trips with short stays we could be in Bourke, or close by where the temperatures will start to increase, in a week or two so we will only have to put up with the cold for a short while. This is of coarse if we can handle the weather in Melbourne for that long.

Friday night is the usual bar-b-que evening in Esk Caravan Park and we of coarse attended. At $5.00 per head for hamburgers and desert was well worth it, and the getting together with others.