Sunday 18th September, (Brisbane).We have now moved to Brisbane, but not after having a little drama yesterday. Linda discovered she had a tick attached to her stomach, so we had a trip to the local hospital to have it checked out. They applied some aeroguard to kill it and then removed it with tweezers. She also had to have a Tetanus booster, so her arm is a little sore today.

We have decided that even though the reason we came to Brisbane, to meet Matt and Lou for the week, has fallen through, so we would stay a week anyway and have a bit of a look around. In all the trips we have had here before we haven’t seen a great deal because we basically only came to see Deris and Danny. They have since moved to Cairns so we now have a full week here to ourselves.

Wednesday 21st September, (Brisbane).

I have had a couple of maintenance days, lubricating window catches and such. This was one of those things that I now realise that should be done on a regular basis. The problem with having our first ever van is that one is not aware, or doesn’t think of, most of the regular things that do need maintenance.

I also helped out Roger in the van next door who had a problem with the lights on his van. It turned out to be the socket at the front, so I convinced him that the large 7-pin connecter is the only really efficient connecter to use, due to its large pins, and we fitted this type as a replacement. He is now extremely happy considering the good job we did of it.

I also rang Vince, whom we met at Bargara, and discussed again the possibility of him purchasing my old Maxon Mini-max mobile unit, and it turns out he has purchased one of his own. They are parked just down from us, so they are going to visit some time.