Tuesday 9th August.

Not much to report of late, but things are about to change. We are now starting to look at what we are going to do in the future after leaving here.

Linda has returned from her overseas trip to the UK and after two days she has just about gotten over her jet lag.

We have decided to book into a park in Brisbane for when Matt and Lou are due to be there, and we will stop there for a week regardless of whether they come or not so we can have a look around Brisbane if they do not arrive.

Our travel plans are not certain after the Brisbane visit, as they are dependant on Nelle and Matt’s plans. Matt has been offered a managers job with the same company he now works for as they are starting up a new airline in Australia. If he accepts that job our plans for the next six months will no doubt revolve around where they are, Linda will naturally want to be with them for the child birth around, or just after, Christmas.

The car has been booked in for a service, and after the shonky deal I received in Evans Head I have stipulated that nothing extra will be done without notification. His answer to this was that it is their policy that no extras will be performed without notification, so being happy enough with that I have booked it in.

It now looks like our next travel plans are: Another 3-4 weeks here, giving us a week or so after Adrian has visited for a week, then on to Kingaroy for a week to check out the fresh peanuts, and to look around that area. From there we will possibly go to Esk, half way to Brisbane, for several days, and then on to Brisbane. Now it is to be seen if there are going to be any changes over the next few weeks.

Friday 26th August.

It is time to put down some more words, seeing it has been a couple of weeks. Adrian is now with us and seems to be enjoying his time, although he is not one to go out and find his own entertainment. He did go to the bowling alley one night, well I took him and he walked home, but other than that he is reliant on us to show him around. Then I would probably have the same idea if I were visiting someone else. He had a trip to Australia Zoo yesterday, Linda took him and they caught a free bus the Zoo has running from the Sunshine Coast. This made it a lot easier for them to get there, as I only have two seats in the car, and it gave them a full day there. I think that I should have also gone, but I did enjoy a day on my own.

I took him to Aussie World today and that has now given him a taste of visiting one of these type showgrounds instead of going to Dream-World or similar on the Gold Coast. I had to go on a few rides with him as he wouldn’t go on his own, and I think we both enjoyed it.

Adrian goes home on Monday and that leaves us Tuesday to pack up, clean the van etc, ready for a move on Wednesday. We are going to Tewantin, near Noosa, for a week to catch up with Barry and Ida while they are there. We will then think of going to Kingaroy, depending on how cold it gets of an evening, on our way to Brisbane. We are still not sure if Matt and Lou are coming to Brisbane, but it looks at this stage like Lou will be coming on her own with Matilda and Jay. I am not really looking forward to this, as we will all be living in the caravan. We have said it several times before that this situation will never happen again, but we always weaken.

After installing our new annexe I have been trying to find someone that may want our old one, I have even been prepared to give it away. Nobody seemed to want it, a couple of people did enquire about it but obviously didn’t want it, so I cut the rope out of it today and placed the rest of it in the bin. I did not want to have to carry it about so it had to go.

Sunday 28th August.

We went to Underwater World yesterday and enjoyed what we saw. It compares closely to the one at Townsville, but had extras. They actually had a seal display with the seals performing several stunts, quite a good display. One thing they did was to ask for an audience member to assist, but it became obvious that the girl they selected was actually a staff member; this actually made the stunts more interesting.

Peace once again tomorrow with Adrian going home, and it would also help if this wind would abate somewhat as it has been blowing for a fair while now.