St George

Saturday 9th April 2005, (St George).

An odd lucky break with the TV today, with a fault that it had. It has been playing up lately with an intermittent colour problem, with the screen going all one colour, either pink or green. A thump on the floor would generally fix it, but lately it has taken more, like a power refresh. Today I decided to have a look and see if I could find the problem. Considering it was obviously created by vibrations travelling in the van it had to be a loose connection, so I taped up a screwdriver, for insulation, and while turned on I started tapping circuitry parts. To my amazement the very first board I tapped, on the back of the picture tube, indicated that the fault was on it. Further fiddling revealed a flat-five cable connection could have been the problem and when I lightly pulled the cable, thinking it was a plug-in connection, the cable came out in my hand. The lucky break was that this was not a plug-in connection and the fault was all five wires must have almost completely broken as the cable was actually floating with no support, and when I pulled it they all gave way. With magnifying glasses, and trying to stop my hands shaking too much, I managed to remove the five wire ends on the circuit board and leave clean open holes. The flat-five cable was going to be the next problem: To strip the insulation without damaging the wiring, and it was a must to keep the wires straight so it would enter all holes neatly and easily. I did manage to achieve this, fortunately without too much difficulty, and then placed the wires into the circuit board and solder them without any blobs. A test of the TV, and the picture was clearer than it has been for a very long time, very lucky incident I thought.

I thought we would be without TV for the weekend, as when I broke the wires off my first thought was to go and find a TV technician to repair it. The fact that it was Saturday meant that the techs were off duty, and as one local said “You won’t find him today unless you go to the river skiing as well”. This was the influencing factor for my attempting to fix it myself, so I actually saved myself quite a repair bill I dare say.

We have had a discussion about our travels and it looks like a couple of days at Surat, then possibly a couple of days camping at a site close to Surat, after we check it out while there. Then it will be a couple of days at Roma to do a little shopping, and then further discussions about where to stay for our Carnarvon Gorge visit, possibly at a farm stay caravan park 50k out from the gorge. We are going to enjoy our restful week here though.