Chapter 31

Back in Queensland

Thursday 7th April 2005, (Cunnamulla).

We have moved from Bourke to Cunnamulla today and are so far having regrets about our decision to move. The caravan park at Bourke was very nice and would have been a good place to stay for a couple of days and had a rest. We had instead decided to move to Cunnamulla and stay for four days or so and rest there, but everything since arriving has been of a negative nature and not much positive, from not being extremely impressed with the only caravan park in town (it is only basic and has large rocks about two inches under the grass preventing pegs being put in), no auto-gas in town (will have to use petrol for the next leg), exorbitant food prices at the supermarket (Linda had a choice of shopping at Bourke and chose to leave it), high indigenous population ( some of whom hassled Linda on her walk back from town) etc.

We have decided that there really must be a reason for RAC not rating caravan parks in this town situation, as when we arrived at the park it was totally empty and we took this as a bad sign of nobody using it. At 6:00 pm there are 3 other vans in the park. It is quite a nice looking basic park, but it is across the road from the local indigenous housing area. When I tried to erect the awning most pegs could only be driven in about two inches due to the rocks, or something, at that depth. It was very misleading to start with as the soil on top of the rock is sand and I had decided to use long pegs.

When looking for somewhere to fill the car with gas we found that there is no gas on sale in Cunnamulla, so I guess I will get another idea how fuel-efficient the car is now on petrol, as we will be doing 300k next leg.

Linda chose to leave her shopping for when we arrived here as prices were a little dear at Bourke and someone had indicated that prices would be better here: How wrong these ideas were as Linda nearly had a heart attack when she went to do her shopping with the prices of most items being at least twice that of what she expected. We need to eat so we just have to put up with it until we leave.

Linda had a walk back from town and was lightly harassed by some of the local indigenous people, being asked for money, and even propositioned.

After all this we are not real happy with staying here but rather than go straight on to St George, making a 500k trip, we have to stay here for at least 2 nights for a short rest at least. We had already decided to only book in for two days initially with the idea of extending, and it turned out to be a good decision. We are also taking some unusual steps of locking things up for the night that we would usually leave outside; this is an example of our feelings of the area, a pity though.