Carnarvon Gorge

Friday 22nd April 2005, (Carnarvon Gorge).

Again it has been a while since putting words down, so it is an indication that we have been resting and not doing anything that would inspire me to write anything down.

I have been rather busy though helping a neighbour with their laptop. I’m not sure now that it was a good idea helping set up the internet for them, as it was revealed that they did not have much experience with computers and were fairly raw and I have spent some time giving them tuition as well. It did fill in some time though and they did appreciate it all.

Linda has made a reasonable recovery from her little illness so it was time to move on toward Carnarvon Gorge. We moved on today about 200k from Roma and are camping at Warremba Farm stay, 50k odd from the gorge proper. A section of the road into the gorge is gravel, about 20k, and it is known to be a little rough in places so the caravan will just not be taken over it. It turns out it was a good decision as one neighbour from Roma, who left a few days ago to do the gorge, rang today and reported that after travelling into the gorge, from the same place as we are staying, said he would not even think of taking his van in there. His van is a dual axle and would be much more suited to gravel than ours, and he gives me the impression that he would take his van many places that I wouldn’t even consider, so the road can’t be too good.

The park we are staying at has several walks itself, as it is on the edge of the Carnarvon National Park, and we went on a couple of them this afternoon after setting up camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were only reasonably short walks, about 3.5k, as practice for the gorge. We did enjoy these small walks tremendously as the change of scenery was quite welcome after the very flat and dusty dirt scenery we have travelled through for the past couple of months.

The weather changed to a little cooler and overcast today for the first time in weeks and that was also a very welcome change. Since we left Adelaide about six weeks ago we have had continual daytime temperatures of low to mid 30’s with high tens over night, so we did enjoy the cool of the day.