Thursday 31st March 2005, (Cobar).

Now at Cobar 450k from Broken Hill and the trip yesterday was one of the longest we have had in our entire travels. We had originally thought of stopping at Wilcannia, about half way, but we had heard so many negative stories about it in the near past that we had decided to plan on going all the way to Cobar but see what Wilcannia holds when we get there. All the stories seem to be justified and we certainly decided that it would not be the place to stay. The town is almost 100% inhabited by aboriginals, so is there any need to say more? Most of the shop windows were security framed and the town was not the cleanest we have ever seen. The caravan park, not listed in any of our books, was a little out of town, but we decided that it would be a waste of time checking it out.

After our long trip yesterday I didn’t feel like putting any words down, hence I have left it for today.

Cobar seems to be a nice little town, and if one wanted to do several lengthy day trips there would be plenty to do and see in the area. As we won’t be doing the long day trips I can envisage that our 5-day stay here will be a nice relaxing one. The caravan park is close to town so there shouldn’t be much of a need to use the car at all with all our visits to town within walking distance.

One thing that I did notice again is the big hike in the price of gas in the outback. The first service station I looked at had gas at 76c per litre, 20c more than Broken Hill, and petrol is roughly the same price. The second servo that I checked out will be the one getting my business as it had gas at 68c. This is still expensive, but a lot cheaper than the other.