Thursday 17th March 2005, (Berri).

A short trip today, about 60k, took us to Berri. All trips should be this short, but we can’t win them all.

We chose this location because it is central to several places in a triangle between Kingston-on the Murray, Renmark and Loxton.

The area looks as though it would have a lot to offer for the typical tourist, as are we, with National parks, bush walks and several scenic drives around several towns. It is a pity we are only to be here for a few days as I reckon we could spend some time in this district. We both had that feeling that we have both felt before about liking the town as soon as we settle in, and I really believe it is very true with this town.

Friday 18th March. (Berri).

We had a trip to the Murray River National Park today that provides a self drive tour with a booklet of explanation of what to see, well done. The section we went to was Katarapko section. The scenery was so different in the dry flood plains of the area. Two walks were on offer that showed different growth types and scenery again. This would be a must for nature lovers, but for us the whole day was spoiled by the abundant March or Marsh flies or whatever they are actually called. They were everywhere and ate me alive.

The day was then filled with a trip to Loxton, 20k south of Berri, for a look. This would be a nice town for a short stay one day, but there is not a great deal to do there.

Getting tobacco in this area has once again proved a problem, and with Easter coming on I may have left a Launceston order too late to arrive before Easter. I have also placed an order at Broken Hill and hopefully it will arrive before we reach there, but I will still have to buy some in Mildura just in case so I will have enough to last. I should then have enough to last till the Sunshine coast, but it is becoming a real pain chasing it up.