Thursday 3rd March. (Adelaide).

I have to take extra measures with the new internet kit as using it inside the caravan leaves the signal level a little low, the same problem I had when using the mobile. An outside aerial overcame the problem with the mobile, but this device does not have that option so mounting it in the roof by the four seasons vent seems to be the only option.

We had a trip to Hahndorf on Tuesday, about 30k east along the highway into Adelaide. This town is one with a difference with the old buildings and tree-lined streets. The trees are so prolific along the main street that it is like driving along an extremely long archway. Linda suggested that it would be a bad idea to stay there, as there are so many shops with all sorts of different meats, salami and such, that she would be tempted to spend too much while there. She spent enough while there anyway.

Yesterday saw us visit a couple that we met in Maroochydore last year, Diane and Gifford Harper. They live about ten minutes away from where we are staying, so not only was it a must to go and visit, it was easy and also a pleasure. We will be parked next to them in Maroochy this year.

We have extended our stay in Adelaide for an additional week, as Linda would prefer to, and do a few day trips to Victor Harbour area instead of a trip. We also have to keep a track on where we are going to be in a few weeks as it will be Easter and a lot of areas where we intend to be overtaken with holidaymakers. We figure if we are past Mildura we should be ok.

Sunday 6th March. (Adelaide).

The weather hasn’t been too kind the last few days, so not much sightseeing done, but it has given me a chance to watch a fair bit of the F1 racing from Melbourne.