Thursday 10th February, (Warrnambool).

Having done what we had to do at Geelong we have now moved to Warrnambool, about 200k west. Warrnambool, at first glance, gives us the impression that there would be a fair bit to do here and a fair bit to see. We will do and see the things we have on mind now and keep it on record that we should return here for a possible longer stay one day.

After having a look at the map for our journey here one thing became quite apparent; there are no highlighted roads on the map in this area (southwest Vic), so it only brings to light the fact that we are going to concentrate on looking around southern Victoria some time in the future.

Warrnambool is a quite pretty place with a coastline with a difference. It is rugged worn sandstone type rocks, but then it is in close proximity to the Great Ocean Road area so the coast would be somewhat similar to there.

Saturday 12th February, (Warrnambool).

Not much sightseeing has been done yet as the weather has not been very suitable. It hasn’t rained much, but it has been overcast and looking like rain so we have left it until the weather clears. The forecast is for finer times from tomorrow so we will get some touring done.

Linda remembered the other day that Anna Kao-Philpot, and hubby, live in Warrnambool, so after verifying address and phone numbers with Narrelle we visited today and had them visit yesterday. Linda has agreed to baby-sit for them on Monday so we will see more of them while here.

We also went for a walk along part of the track along the coastline and the scenery here is of it’s own.

We are becoming more convinced that we will have to revisit here one day for a longer visit.