Chapter 29.

2005 Trip.

Thursday 3rd February 2005. (Melbourne).

The start of this leg of our journeys proved to not be too favourable with the weather, nation wide, turning very nasty. Queensland yesterday experienced dust storms, West Aus had their highest temps for ages, NSW had thunderstorms, and Victoria had its coldest February day on record and also the wettest February day on record. Tassie has extremely strong winds cutting power lines and blowing down trees. The trip on the Spirit last night was the roughest I had experienced; the boat didn’t actually get tossed around much because we were travelling with the weather. The second Spirit travelling from Melbourne had to turn around mid journey with damage, broken windows, and return to Melbourne for repairs. The third Spirit, the Sydney one, was moored at Devonport and apparently broke her mooring and ran aground in the river. To top it all off, it turns out I was a little slack in keeping Linda informed of my stages of travel as I usually do, and she worried her little head off. Anyway that was the fun for the day, but we are now in Melbourne, settled in for a few days and ready to continue our travels.