Sunday 12th December.

We are settled in now, and the site we are on this time seems to be possibly the most comfortable we have had in this park. We have noticed the park prices have settled down a little this year, after the high prices of last year when there were a lot of tourists in the state.

There is new management in the park this year, as the previous took ill and had to give up, so we have lost the low price we were offered before, but the present cost of this park is reasonable again.

We have done some long-term maintenance while here, such as power cord and water hose replacement. We have been using them for the five years we have had the van so we considered they were due for replacement even if still in good condition. The water hoses were suspect though as one actually burst while in Melbourne, it may well have been damaged by others traversing the grounds though, as they did, but we now have new hoses that should last another five trouble free years.

I made a good purchase of a small fridge just before leaving Melbourne and should have a power cord for it tomorrow so I can put it to a full test. I visited Big-W at Broadmeadows on the way back from dropping Linda at the airport and spotted a small cooler/heater fridge that was a display model and actually had a minor amount of damage, I have since fixed. I asked them to get some details on the unit, such as price, and he returned saying that he could not find that model listed in the computer, so I offered them $60.00 as is, and they accepted. I have since found from the Internet that this model’s recommended retail price was $199.00 so if I have to spend another fifty or so on power cords and supplies I will have still gotten a good deal. I will have to do some extensive tests on the unit to find how it actually runs to determine how much power it will use so I can ascertain if it will be suitable for our purposes, especially when camping. If it turns out to be unsuitable I should be able to sell it and get a return on my investment.