Chapter 28.

Another Xmas in Tassie.

Wednesday 8th December 2004, (Launceston).

We are now back in Launceston, as of yesterday, and intend being here until late January at least, depending on when we decide to return.

Linda did her usual thing and flew back to Tassie and left me to my own to find my way back, and as usual I managed it without any difficulty at all. I was rather ‘Buggered’ last night though after a not very good night sleep on the boat and then the drive from Devonport and setting up the van on my own. The sleep on the boat I originally thought was a good one as I put my head down at 11:00 pm and woke up at about 4:30 am, but all day it felt as though I didn’t get any sleep at all.

When I arrived Linda was still at Matt’s so I went to the caravan park and set up on my own before going to pick her up.