Wednesday 3rd November, (Mildura).

Linda is happy now, as she has had a ride on the paddle steamer on the Murray River. We went down that way the other day and observed the lock and weir in action with the paddle steamer going through and she then decided that she wanted to be on the boat as it made that journey. So today we went on the trip.

The lock, number 11, is one of a series of locks along the river that are designed to maintain a level of water in the river for boats to freely travel along it. We also saw another at Wentworth the other day when we went there for a visit, but to see one in action explained all.

Thursday 4th November, (Mildura).

What a miserable day, it is raining and cold. It is forecast for about 20 today but at this moment it must be about 10, so the heater is out of the car and fired up in the van. Linda has her shopping day today and wants to be just dropped off in town to do some wandering around, so I guess most of my day will be filled in working on this machine, hence the heater is going. I guess we will have a few more of these cold days, and nights, from now on for a while so it may be just as well if I leave the heater in the van for a while.

Linda was talking to a couple this morning at the morning tea provided at the park on Thursdays, and they mentioned a freebie they were camped at before coming here that is obviously very popular. It is on the side of the Murray at lock 9, so it may be worth remembering, if we can, for future reference.