Thursday 25th November, (55th Birthday), Melbourne.

An eventful day was had today to celebrate my birthday. We visited Barry and Ida and they took us to a hotel for lunch, and this was a function where a lot of Barry’s old Jazz band mates meet. This was a regular meeting of his Jazz mates and all the entertainment of the day was those mates in turn playing tunes, the theme for today was piano. This was all very enlightening, as I have not been into Jazz music before and it was a very enjoyable eye-opener.

Sunday 28th November, (Melbourne).

We had another day with Barry and Ida today as a picnic/boat launching day. Barry and his mate have recently bought a new boat for river fishing and the boat is of a novel design. It actually folds up into a flat bag the length of the boat, and when unfolded it is held together, and in shape, by the solid seats inserted.

This is the boat as unpacked.

This is it assembled.

The boat was very easy to assemble, or the more practice will make it easier. I had a ride in it and I am quite surprised, as were the others, as to how stable it was in the water, one could stand up and move about without much boat movement at all.