Sunday 21st November, (Melbourne).

We had a trip around the area today looking for suitable caravan parks to stay in on our trips to and from Tassie because Ashley Gardens is now far too expensive. The park we are in now, Apollo Gardens, is ok but there are no shops in the immediate area and whenever we want anything we have to drive, otherwise it is suitable.

The West City Park on the Western freeway does not have any caravan sites any more as they are now all cabins. While we were there we mentioned the Honey Hush and the response we received from a couple of people in the office convinced us to forego even looking at it. They then put us onto another at Williamstown but that one is full of permanents and would not really be suitable anyway.

We also checked out the Airport Holiday Village finally and it turns out that they only have 3 or 4 tourist sites and one would have to book in with at least a month or two notice. That reason on its own does not suit us, so for a day or two stay it looks like Apollo Gardens.

We do have a couple more to look at down Springfield/Frankston area that might be more suitable for longer periods.

Monday 22nd November, (Melbourne).

I had my appointment with the Super adviser today and left with nothing but very good feelings. I had decided that who, in my present situation, would want to take their money as a pension. I have decided to make a partial withdrawal from my funds whenever the need arises. This way I can control, somewhat, how much funds remain in my super scheme, I would intend to maintain $300,000 in the funds as capital and withdraw for living expenses. This way if Super has a lean period so do we, and if Super has a good period then our funds should increase. On top of all this it seems that most of my funds in Super is non-taxable using it in this manner, even if I for some reason make a very large withdrawal, so these reasons convince me that this method is much more agreeable than changing to a pension scheme. This method also enables Linda to maintain the ability to continue to receive her Partner allowance, which is another big advantage. So all from here is looking rosy, so let’s hope things continue in this trend.

Linda seems to have discovered some anomaly with her mobile account today while enquiring about the purchase of a new handset, so tomorrow will be consumed finding a Telstra shop and finding out exactly what is the story there and sorting it out, and possibly even buy her the new handset.

One thing was found out for sure today is that I never ever intend doing any sort of shopping in the Melbourne city area in future, as with the hustle and bustle of myriads of people and traffic noise I found it almost impossible to concentrate on anything. So it has to be a lot easier to do my shopping in the suburbs in the somewhat quieter areas.