Monday 15th November, (Melbourne).

Now in Melbourne for our last travel leg and last stay before we head back to Tassie in 3 weeks time.

We intend testing an annexe that Barry and Ida have, and no longer need, to see if it fits our van. If it does we are going to give serious consideration to buying it, considering the price is right, and hopefully it will give us a little more protection against bad weather. We have thought that if the annexe is not suited to our van and we do not buy it then we might give thought to getting one made. We originally had the idea that we would not need one, but after attempting to stay in the cold in Tassie last year we have now decided that having a fully enclosed annexe would be a good idea. Barry and Ida are going to bring it around tomorrow so I hope all goes well.

Thursday 18th November, (Melbourne).

The last few days since we arrived in Melbourne have been rather eventful, so hopefully this time next week we may be able to have a few days rest.

Barry and Ida came around with the annexe so we could see if it fitted our van, and it wasn’t a very good fit after all. I was of the misbelief that the annexe was originally built for their present van that is almost the same as ours, but it turns out that it was built for a previous van they had. We could have tried modifying it to suit our van but I think that it may have been a bigger job than one would think, so we decided against the purchase, we didn’t like the colour anyway. It was after we decided not to buy that they decided to tell us they only wanted about $500.00 for it, and at that price we could have possibly afforded to modify it, but we had already made a decision.

Barry and Ida had invited us around for lunch yesterday, which we had accepted, and that was a worthwhile visit as we had a chance to just sit and chat about things, something we don’t do very often because there are not many people we have gotten to know as well as them.

Today was a day for practice runs on public transport, as this was a first for this district, and I needed to know how to go about getting into the city for my appointment on Monday. We parted company when we reached the city, as Linda had a few things to do, shopping that does not over interest me, and I had to find my way to the Telstra building.

I then returned home and had the opportunity to chase up the couple of things to do on the van, wheal-bearing cover for example, and I ended up visiting the factory that built the van and the company that built the chassis. It turns out that the chassis firm may be the only place I will be able to get the bearing covers if I ever need another in future, as they seem to be an odd size. I got two while there so I do now have a spare. I also took the opportunity to talk the van maker about enlarging the wheel arches and the information I obtained was very useful for when I decide to do it, if I do.