West Wyalong

Tuesday 19th October, (West Wyalong).

Another 250k down the Newel highway see us now at West Wyalong. This is another smallish country town, as all will be until we reach Mildura, so a couple of days relaxing and taking a few pics of the town will be the order while here.

A little problem with centerlink today, as when I rang up to submit accommodation changes for rent assistance they mentioned that we were claiming $49.00 per day for the last week when we in fact only put in a claim for $19.00. It seems now that it is our responsibility to instigate changes to rectify the situation, isn’t that typical. I have typed a note giving details and will pin it to the claim form to be submitted tomorrow for our current claim.

Wednesday 20th October, (West Wyalong).

I did my thing today and walked around town taking photos of the town, and again this is a town of many old well-kept buildings. This makes me wonder whether in the future I will be able to identify and remember any one town from the photos because they are all similar recently. One thing I have noticed especially in this town, but as well as others recently, the number of pubs in town. This town has, what I counted, eight pubs in the length of the main street, about 1k, and I don’t know if there are any in the back streets.