Saturday 16th October, (Narromine).

Last night was in fact very cold, we probably won’t know the actual temp as there will be no local weather report tonight but it must have been very close to zero.

We have now moved to Narromine, about 38k west of Dubbo. We chose to stay here purely because we have stayed at and seen Dubbo so this is just somewhere different. It just goes to show how up-to-date some of my maps are as we had decided to travel to Dubbo, at least through it, via Wellington, but on the way signposts indicated another route to Dubbo so we tried it. It turned out that this route was about 50k shorter than the way we had chosen and it was a reasonably good road, as far as outback roads go. After rechecking that route in my maps we noticed that most showed that road as being gravel for a section in the middle so it was no wonder we did not select it.

Narromine is another small outback town with, what seems, not much to do, but it is only meant for a couple of days stopover.