Friday 29th October, (Mildura).

We went for a drive back into NSW today to a small place of Wentworth. Linda was reading about a sand dune there and wanted to see it. Sure enough there, out in the middle of nowhere, was this rather large sand dune. The sand was obviously full of Mica as the flakes were visible on the surface, glistening in the sun.

Our little drive was rather an experience, as on the Victorian side of the border all one could see was grape vines and fruit trees, as far as one could see. No wonder they worry about fruit fly in this district.

We found out too where the Darling River meets the Murray and visited the actual junction, I often wondered where they met; now I know.

Wentworth was again another neat small town that I would normally not hesitate in taking heaps of photos of, but I seem to be a little blasé about taking town photos lately as they are all starting to look alike.

Monday 1st November, (Mildura).

We are now spending a second week at Mildura, as we are in no rush to get to Melbourne and it is quite warm here. In fact it has been very warm, last night was quite a hot one with blankets being shed off the bed for the first time in a long while. There are still a couple of things we want to do here so the extra week will give us plenty of time to do them at a leisurely pace.

Matthew has tested me again, in more ways than one, with another request for a loan. The last one took a couple of years to be repaid, but this time we can’t afford to let him have that privilege. The other tests came when Matt called back asking if I knew about ‘Verify by Visa’, my answer was complete ignorance. Apparently a new system for security has been adopted when using Visa to make payments on the Internet with this name, one has to register for this system and when an attempt to make a payment on the net one is required to provide a password to complete the transaction. Considering I gave Matt permission to access my card he couldn’t complete his transactions until I then registered for this security system. This is where most of my problems started as the right path on the net to do it was rather vague and without more knowledge it was rather difficult, I resulted in even locking out my Visa card and all, requiring more phone calls to rectify. All worked out in the end though and the system could be a good one as it has already proved its worth with Matt getting stuck. I haven’t heard back from him with any more problems so I guess it must work.