Thursday 28th October, (Mildura).

A change back to our original plan of only staying in Mildura for 1 week, as we have decided that this is yet another place that we will definitely visit again one day. As we are basically in cruise-mode, as Linda puts it, on our way back to Tassie we don’t have a great deal of interest in doing a lot of touristy things, so we will see a few things while here and leave the rest for when we return.

We have adopted some strange ideas about Mildura that we have not really had in many other places, none that I have mentioned before anyway. This is a place we enjoy very much, and it is one that gives the feeling of wanting to just relax and treat it as we would if we were staying for an extended time instead of just do all touristy things while here. I will probably not take any pictures of the township as I normally do because I don’t think it would really do any justice to the town. It is laid our extremely well with wide dual carriageways for most main roads, that would not be captured well by photos, and even though there are many good old style buildings they are overcome by the newish look of the whole of the township, so I don’t think again that I could do it any justice.

What has made this stay a little more enjoyable is the fact that there are several other campers that are none too willing to mix and entice others, like us, to mix with them. We haven’t really experienced this since the sunshine coast and have missed the experience.

We have had a bit of a look around the immediate area and really liked what we saw. Today we went to check out what paddle steamers run on the river, and when, so we could consider having a ride. The one we are considering is an original steam driven one so it would be a novelty to do so. While there we discovered a lock weir just down river and were lucky enough to see it working with the paddle steamer about to go through it, and that in itself was an experience. This made us all the more determined to do a boat ride, or Linda at least, as she now just wants to ride through the lock. Unfortunately we will not, for several reasons, be able to take a ride until Monday so we will probably have to stay one additional day anyway. The steam driven boat doesn’t run on Fridays or Tuesdays, and is apparently booked out on Saturday with the town busy with a jazz festival in the area this weekend.

We do have a reasonable amount of time to get to Melbourne so it doesn’t matter if we change our plans from day to day so long as it is a short-term change.