Thursday 21st October, (Hay).

We have now moved to Hay, a reasonably important town being on the crossroads of several highways crossing this country and is on the edge of the Murrumbidgee River. The town is remote to the extent that there is no town, to speak of, within 100k or so in any direction, and this makes it a major stopover point for many travellers. The caravan park we are in is at the moment chock-a-block full, and I would bet a fortune that come about 8:00 am in the morning we will probably be the only ones here. We, as usual, will be staying several days.

Friday 22nd October, (Hay).

A very nice peaceful town is this, so we have decided to stay an additional two days and move on to Mildura on Monday.

TV is a little different here as there is no channel 10, the same as Tassie I suppose, and there is a chance I may miss the Indy car racing on the weekend unless one of the other channels show it. I guess it demonstrates that we will have to endure with what is on offer wherever we are and put up with it.

I have had my little walk around town taking photos today, and we have found a couple of other things to do so we will leave them for the next two days.

A little maintenance on the TV aerial pole had to be done today: After 4 years of travel it began to lose its locking ability, so a dismantling and clean out appears to have fixed the problem. One must expect a little wear and tear after a while.