Thursday 7th October, (Harrington).

We moved to Harrington yesterday and since being here we have had varied ideas about what we want to do for our travels in the immediate future.

This is another of those places that we could sit for a while, also considering that we found a very good camping area at Diamond Point in the Crowdy Bay National Park, to consider in future. We are now even more convinced that we have seen too much coastal and beach areas in the last few months and need a change of scenery. The constant winds of late haven’t helped either.

Our ultimate decision was to firmly place this area in our memory bank, or at least make a note in our ‘bible’ map book, and make this a definite must return to area when travelling this way sometime in the future, and a must stay at the camp area. The thing to remember is not to stay at the camp ground during school holidays as it is quite full, and the other problem is that NSW do charge what we consider too much for camping fees, in this case $5.00 per day per adult for camping and $7.00 per day for car admittance, totalling $17.00 per day. We can stay at caravan parks for the same price, or not much extra, and have all the facilities. We once said we would never stay at National parks in NSW, but with this spot looking as good and peaceful as it does we will change our mind for this occasion.

We have now decided to stick to our original plans of going via Mildura, or that area, so we will be leaving here on Saturday and on to Singleton area.