Gold Coast

Chapter 26

Back south again.

Friday 3rd September 2004, (Gold Coast).

We are now on the move again, giving us a little more than two months to get to Melbourne. We intend just cruising down the east coast and stay at some small coastal towns that we missed on our trip up the coast when we started our travels.

We are at present on the Gold coast for a few days to once again catch up with the Cruses, especially as they have some mail for us that Narrelle sent there because we didn’t know where we would be.

We tried a different caravan park this visit, just for something different, and unfortunately because we didn’t book we ended up with not such a good site. It is as good a site as others, but it is the location within the park that is not the best. We are placed in the area that is mainly full of permanents, and it is not quite the same if we are not among fellow travellers.