Evans Head

Tuesday 14th September, (Evans Head).

So we headed off this morning without the mail, it is to be returned when it does arrive and we might get to see it some time.

We are now at Evans Heads, about 100k south of Brunswick Heads, and right on the coast. We have heard a few people make comments about Evans Heads of late and this is probably the only reason we decided to visit. Apart from what we have heard recently we didn’t even know about it, so we would have otherwise bypassed it. We were a little sceptical about visiting Evans Head, as it appeared to be just a small coastal town 10k or so off the highway, and possibly have no mobile or TV coverage. When we arrived here we were quite surprised to find that the town itself is quite a large one, with the best mobile and TV reception we have had for a long time. I was also surprised to find that Evans Head did not rate a mention in the UBD town and country map book that I have as the town is a lot larger that a lot of other towns that do rate a mention.

We have now been in Evans Head for about 5 hours and we both have the same idea about almost falling in love with the town. It has almost everything to offer, shopping wise, as we would want in any town with the exception that most is on a smaller scale. There are even two internet cafes. The beach is only a few meters away; CBD about 2 minutes away and there also seems to be plenty of bike riding tracks around town. I guess more will be revealed about the town the longer we stay here: We are already thinking of staying for a second week.