Brunswick Heads

Wednesday 8th September, (Brunswick Heads).

We have finally seen some rain, which has been rather scarce on our travels so far this year, and it is needed very badly. A relaxing day was had today as a result as it rained all day, and is expected again tomorrow.

We took the chance to have a look around town yesterday and I took a few pictures of this sleepy town. We have a couple of day trips around the area which will have to wait for Friday or Saturday, but definitely not Sunday as watching Sandown 500 will be the order of the day all that afternoon.

Sunday 12th September, (Brunswick Heads).

We had our couple of drives around the area over the last couple of days. On Friday we went touring the Tweed coast, not much to see in this area, except a few small towns, but this area will obviously become an extension of the Gold Coast in time to come, as there are construction areas under way at the moment, and a few new subdivisions.

Yesterday we went to the hinterland area and there are quite a few nice drives around some very picturesque areas. One we went to was the Nightcap National Park, which boasts the Minyon falls. The scenery here was quite spectacular, but there could have been an apparent reason why they are not called waterfalls as they were very dry and obviously quite often are.

We are once again having our usual problems with Aust. Post and mail, with a letter from Tassie having already taken 8 days and is still not here. Again it is noted that mail can take only 4 days from England, why a week or more from Tassie. We have booked in here for an extra day to wait for it, but I don’t know what we will do if it is not here tomorrow.