Brooms Head

Tuesday 21st September, (Brooms Head).

Another short run today of about 70k took us to Brooms Head, another small (very small) town on the coast, turning off at MacLean. This is another small place to relax, and we are getting quite used to it. Things should be a little more friendly here as we are parked closer to a few fellow travellers, unlike the last few parks, and it looks as though we could get close to a few of them, one couple being fellow Tasmanians.

There seems to be a few bush tracks around here, as we are surrounded by national parks, so we should get in some walking.

Linda is finding it a little different here with there only being one shop in town, it is a general store that provides all the essentials one would need, but it is not a shopping centre.

Thursday 23rd September, (Brooms Head).

A very humid day here today, and what made it worse was to find out that the heater fan in the car is malfunctioning, and the air-con wasn’t very efficient on our travels today.

We had to travel for a shopping day today as there is nowhere in Brooms Head to do our shopping. We went to Yamba that is about 40k away rather than to travel more than twice the distance to Grafton. There is adequate shopping at Yamba so Linda is now happy.

While travelling through MacLean we decided to stop for a while so Linda could have a walk around town for a look and I could take some pictures, as it is quite a picturesque little town. At least I have some pics of the town now even though we haven’t stayed there.