Sunshine Coast

Saturday 28th August.

We had planned on doing a few trips in the area to do some bush walks, but things have been put on holds for a short while. I have taken ill with a horrible tummy wog that has laid me up for a few days. We are not game to go anywhere until we are sure I have ceased running to the toilet at regular intervals. It seems the wog is going around the park with several people having the same complaint, and after seeing what some people do in the amenity blocks I am not surprised. Somebody actually vomited in one of the washbasins last night and this would be an ideal way for it to spread. We also hear stories of people cleaning their night buckets in the washbasins as well. With these events taking place I am not at all surprised it is spreading.

Ah well we do still have a few days to do our walks, or there is always the option of staying for another week.