Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 24th August.

A slight change to plans has once again occurred. Barry and Ida are now not coming to Noosa as Ida has had a couple of falls and needs medical treatment. They decided that treatment at home would be better, so they are going home this weekend from Hervey Bay. It turns out we may have been just as well off by going to Hervey Bay for this week as originally planned, because we now plan on making a trip up there tomorrow to visit them anyway. This will give us a days outing anyway.

We have decided to stay here until Friday 3rd September regardless and give Linda a spell of good warm weather, as it is getting much warmer now, and then casually make our way down the east coast staying in small coastal towns that we have heard about, but have not visited.

We, or at least I, have had emotional changes of late regarding our travel arrangements. I went through a phase where all I wanted to do was up and move again: I don’t know whether it may have been the windy weather we were experiencing at the time, but I have now come around and am happy to just sit here for a while. Actually I think of all the places we have been to so far, this would have to be my main choice if we were to consider settling. It is just such an easy lifestyle here: probably influenced a lot by the standard of, and the cheapness of, the caravan park we are in. It is also so convenient to everything we want to do, and we are now finding our way around fairly well and even locating things like places to buy cheap vegies and meat and such.

We intend arriving in Melbourne in mid November, as the Telstra Super office is in Melbourne and this will give me an opportunity to personally seek more advise and submit my request for a pension. This will hopefully overcome a couple of small problems I could have with timing of receipt of our first payment.