Sunshine Coast

Monday 26th July.

A busy day today as Linda comes home tomorrow and all the cleaning and washing had to be done. Not that there was a mess or anything, but she would expect things to be as she left them so it had to be done.

I don’t think Linda is going to believe that Piper has been ill because it appears that he has almost made a full recovery from whatever was bothering him. Linda seems to think that moulting will cause illness in birds and of course that is what he is going through at the moment.

Wednesday 4th August.

It has now been over a week since opening this file, as one can see, so this can only be a demonstration that we only intend sitting around not doing much but enjoy the warm weather. Linda is back with me now and she especially is enjoying the warm after suffering the cold in Tassie. We have been on a few walks in the area, and this is the only type of thing we intend doing while here.

We have sat down and discussed what we intend doing, travel wise, after leaving here and have decided that a leisurely cruise all the way around the coast back to Melbourne. To do this we will have to be away from this area before the end of this month, so this means that if we intend meeting up with Barry and Ida we will have to go to Hervey Bay for a week, as that is where they are at the moment, leaving here on the 20th. Sounds good at the moment assuming things won’t change as they have lately.

We have then considered, next year, going up inland NSW via Broken Hill, the route I was considering going down this year, and making our way to Darwin and then possibly down the centre, but we will see.