Saturday 19th June, (Yamba).

We decided to make a couple of longer trips on the next two legs to the Gold Coast, so instead of going to Coff’s Harbour area today we ended up going an extra 150Km or so to Yamba, which is about half way to Surfers. I have stayed here before, late last year when I was cruising south on my own while Linda was back in Tassie.

The wind has come up since leaving port Macquarie and is blowing a gale at present. We are a little sheltered from the wind but putting up all the shade cloth awning surrounds was a must as soon as we had set up camp. Hence we didn’t venture anywhere today, or Linda anyway, but we do have a couple of days to show Linda the couple of scenic areas on offer here.

Hopefully we may see some dolphins swimming up the river as I did when I was here before Xmas.

Sunday 20th June, (Yamba).

It was still rather windy today, but later in the day did see it drop somewhat so we did have short walk around the coast. Linda also had a stroll around the shopping district and she is now appreciating what I had told her about how she should like this place and could easily settle here for a spell.