Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 29th June.

A longer bike ride almost all the way to Mooloolaba today revealed a section of the track that could fill in a lot of time. It ends up on a beach area with picnic areas and track similar to the style of the Strand at Townsville, having all types of shops etc on the opposite side of the road. It is our plan to go for a long walk up there tomorrow instead of bike riding, as this will give us a better look at the area, and a better opportunity to take some photos.

Monday 5th July.

We are settling into this place very well, enjoying the lack of cold temperatures immensely, and think we will enjoy a couple of months here easily. I will have to see if I can obtain a different site though, as this one has too much sand in its surrounds.

Linda is on her way back to Tassie for a few weeks tomorrow, and I will once again be on my own. I really don’t think I will have much trouble occupying my time here at all.

We had a trip to Brisbane on Saturday to visit Deris and Danny, and I must remember not to visit on a Saturday again, as Danny spends lunch at the pub with a few mates. I accepted his invite to join them and as for the meal and a chat with his mates it was rather enjoyable, but the couple of hours in the pokies room afterward was an experience I could have done without. I chose not to play on my own so Danny suggested we alternate in pushing the buttons, and watching him put in several hundred dollars without blinking an eyelid was what I could have done without. He, or we, did have a couple biggish wins, $1100 or so, but he would not have gone home with much of a profit.