Port Stephens

Monday 14th June, (Port Stephens).

We had a look around the area today and went on a walk up Tomaree Head, which is the headland of the peninsula, and what a view from there. I also experimented with the zoom capabilities of my new camera and was suitably impressed: see below.

This is a normal shot: take note of the two boats, one in the centre, and the other to the left.

This is a full optical zoom of the boat to the left, there is still a 2X digital zoom if required. Looking at this shot on the screen, full size, one can tell the person standing in the boat is a female.

This is the one in the centre. This is why I am suitably impressed.There were a couple of other examples, but I think this one demonstrates well enough.

We also went to Fingal Beach, another local township, to have a look at another caravan park, and decided that although this park is a little remote from everything, except local shops, it would be our choice along with Shoal Bay when we return in the future.