Port Stephens

Sunday 13th June, (Port Stephens).

Linda has now rejoined me and it is nice to have her back, although it is only for a few weeks. I did drive to the airport to pick her up and the trip only reinforced my ideas about driving through Sydney, I don’t like it at all. We almost got lost exiting the airport because I thought the road signage was very inadequate, I may have been alright if I had thought to read the Sydways before leaving there, but one thought the signs would be ok as they were on the trip to the airport, and I had no trouble there at all.

Linda has now had a couple of days to rest and recuperate, and although it is a lot warmer here than in Tassie she, we, agree that it would be nicer to be a little further north. On Wednesday we will move and intend heading for the Sunshine Coast. We will take a couple of weeks to get there having about four trips to do it. We now have two days to have a little look around here before we head off, and this will give us an idea of what there is to do for when we return here one day, and I am sure that we will.