Wednesday 5th May.

It has been and is getting very bloody cold.

We are having a problem remembering when it was so cold in Tassie so early in the year, and really can’t remember. A few locals are also indicating that this is the coldest start to winter that they can remember for a long while, so maybe it is not just us. We do have a problem though, living in the caravan in this weather. Although we can heat the caravan successfully it turns out that we do feel the cold, as we must regularly venture outside whereas in a house one does not have to venture outside if not necessary.

After many discussions Linda and I have come to an agreement whereas after Louisa has given birth, any day now I hope, I will commence arrangements for my return to the mainland. Linda has decided that she will remain in Tassie for a while to assist Louisa after the birth, as this was the main reason for staying in Tassie, and then when she is ready she will fly north to join up with me wherever I have decided to settle and wait. Personally I can’t wait until the day of my return to the mainland.

Friday 7th May.

I found a car panel repairman this week that I would readily recommend to anybody: Name, Shepherds Detailing & Maintenance, 4 Legana Park Drive, Phone 03 6330 1156, Mob. 0408 177 001. I had a little rust appear in the bottom panel under the drivers door, and a broken door hinge, previous quotes from panel beaters were in the $700.00 mark and this man repaired the rust, painted the panels (as well as touch up a couple of scratches around the car), welded the door hinge as well as another little job for a total of $180.00. The resultant job seems to be an excellent result so I would have no problems recommending him to anybody.