Friday 21st May.

It’s all happening: 11AM and Louisa is in hospital hopefully about to give birth. She is now a week overdue and even though things started to happen yesterday it is possible they will induce her today anyway, more news on that when it happens. At the moment I have the job of baby-sitting, Elly is in school today so I only have Jay. It should be a peaceful day just on our own and hopefully Linda will be back home later this afternoon, she is at Louisa’s side along with Matthew for the birth.

As this event is almost a certainty now I have taken it upon myself to book myself on the boat to the mainland on Wednesday 26th next week. I have had enough of the cold and going north where it is a little warmer. Linda will remain in Tassie for a couple of weeks and then fly up to meet me wherever I am.

11.30AM the same day.

New granddaughter at 11.23AM, Matilda Linda, now it is time to make my return trip to the mainland.