Wednesday 31st March, (Legana).

We have finally made a move from Kelso back to Legana. This move came two weeks before we were due to move, but we have had enough of travelling to Launceston several times each week, and getting up early to do so when Linda baby-sits the grand kids. Having only made the move today we are already feeling a lot more comfortable with the surroundings and the closeness to everything. This is especially due to the fact that when we checked in here we found that they are only going to charge us $15,30 per day when we were quoted $22.50, and paid that amount last time we were here. I will have to query the price next time we make a payment, as perhaps there may have been a mistake as the park manager was running the office rather than his wife when we did check in.

I received some news today about the death of the father of friend Tony Cruse. A phone call to him revealed that he and Brenda are on their way to Tassie, as his father was from here. I will no doubt catch up with them when they arrive, and will attend the funeral.

A subject that I have not been writing anything about is Narrelle and Matt buying a house, in England. Linda had been SMS communicating a fair bit with them, as usual, and has learned that they have now finalised their contract for purchase and mortgage. One thing troubling them is the fact that the company that Matt works for has gone bust. Matt was retained on the job where everyone else was laid off, a couple of weeks ago, but has now been given 30 days notice. They have no doubt considered this in making the purchase, and have now doubt that Matt will have no difficulty finding more work. Narrelle is still working so that is one consolation.