Thursday 19th February.

A small adjustment had to be made to the solar panels the other day; they had to be removed from the roof for the duration of our stay here. We discovered the possums were climbing on the roof and sitting on them. The possums here are of a very large variety and having them just sit on the panels can not be good for them, let alone them running off them when scared off and scratching them with their claws. I will have to put them on the ground daily to catch some sun for charge, but this should not be much of a problem.

Monday 23rd February.

We have now taken on a different role in life, short term, baby-sitting for Matt and Lou while they are in Melbourne. They will be gone for a week so we have moved into their house for the week, leaving the caravan at Kelso. I will probably go back down one night and stay, if not to just check everything.

The idea of claiming for New-start allowance has once again entered my mind, with the idea that I could collect the allowance by doing voluntary work. It was bought to light that I could do some work at the Water bird haven, where Matt and Lou live, as they are always looking for voluntary workers, and it would be convenient to Matt’s. The more I think about it though reminds me that it would require constant work week after week just to collect $300 or so per fortnight, and I keep asking myself “is it really worth it”? For the reason that the idea of continual work does not appeal to me, I have put off the idea again.