Thursday 5th February.

Still we are enjoying our time at Kelso, the management are very friendly, and what is welcome is the trust-worthy nature of management. Papers are delivered daily and they trust us to pay fortnightly, and it will be the same with power. Power is a little different though, as a meter has been fitted so if one were to attempt any foul play one would eventually be caught out with them reading the meter.

A lot is still in limbo with my electronic woes with my new mobile still in for repairs, 3 weeks now and I am getting all sorts of excuses for the cause of delay in repairs, and would you believe it is all Nokia’s fault. I am still chasing up repairs, or replacement, for the laptop battery and am trying to get costs of same below the $220.00 so far quoted. I have now had some practice time with Windows XP Home installed on the laptop and now think it is great, especially for working with photos, a lot of software, or programmes, are built into XP.

Another problem we have had is the continuing saga of the roof leak. We had a very bad storm not long after arriving here and the weather was coming from the north, which directed all the rain under the solar panel that I had not yet rebuilt the brackets under. I have now rebuilt those brackets and after hosing about 100 litres of water on the roof, not a drop leaked in. so I am quite confident that I have now fixed the leak, at last.

I have given more thought about claiming New-start allowance and am still almost convinced that I am not going to bother. If I were to claim I am convinced the requirement, or conditions applied, would necessitate frequent trips to Launceston and this would use up most of the payment in fuel, so I really do believe it would not be worth the effort. I must seriously consider making an appointment with them though because one does not know what he will find out from a visit.

Another thing I have been pondering on is the golf course at the caravan park. I have considered having a bit of a practice at the game. After mentioning this to Paul, who works at the tip at Beaconsfield, he attained several clubs that had been discarded and gave them to me. I also mentioned it to Sister Joan, and she gave me a putter. I did the silly thing and bought some balls, so now I don’t have much of an excuse not to try it, well we’ll see what happens.