Friday 2nd January 2004, (Frankston-Melbourne).

Well the New Year is here, and we have had a rather eventful ending to the old one. We have once again learned that five, plus, adults and a couple of kids do not live well in a caravan. Even though Lou and Matt, and Adrian, were sleeping in tents, the evenings when all wanted to watch TV were rather cramped with everyone wanting to sit in the van. I guess we have gotten used to our privacy of the room on offer to just us two. Even though it was very nice to have everyone here for the Xmas, it will be nice to once again enjoy our privacy when they return to Tassie tomorrow. One of the main problems was that we went to Frankston for the week, but that decision was made based on the fact that Matt was going to have a rental car, and we would have been able to travel about. In hind site it would have been much better to stay here at Melbourne so we would be able to travel by bus and trams etc. but we had already booked Frankston and paid a large deposit.

Our privacy won’t last very long though as Narrelle will be with us tomorrow after I go to Albury and pick her up, but I’m sure the intrusion won’t be of such a great impact.

We will now have a bit of time with Narrelle, and Matt, before they return home on the 7th, and we will be retuning to Tassie next Saturday the 10th.