Saturday 17th January.

We thought things were going to be relaxing this last week: boy were we wrong! I haven’t been able to put any words down as I have been going through the process of reloading the laptop with a new version of windows to overcome a few problems of late, and time has been spent getting things working properly before putting it to proper use.

We, or Linda at least, have been busy trying to organise Adrian’s finances to get him out of debt before he can move into a new unit. This is now under control and will continue over the next couple of months.

I have also considered restarting, or reapplying for, newstart allowance, but this will mean that quite some of my time will be taken up satisfying centerlink to earn a small allowance. I am at this stage considering that it may not be actually worth it.

We have also had to consider where we intend living while back in Tassie and after consideration and checking caravan parks we have decided on Kelso. This park is a little far from anything, but it will assist in helping to save some money while there. We are moving there on Tuesday.