Chapter 24D.

Return to Tassie.

11th January, 2004, (Legana).

We are now back in Tassie at the caravan park at Legana.Our venture started early on Saturday the 10th at 7:00am. We left the caravan park in Melbourne on our way to Station pier to catch the boat, and as we made our way across the Westgate bridge a view of the wharf showed that the ferry (Spirit of Tasmania) was not docked. We at this stage started to wonder if we had picked the wrong day, but on arrival at the dock it became apparent that there were plenty of others there with the same idea as us. It turned out that the boat was 2 hours behind schedule, I guess making a night trip and a day trip each day may be just a little too much for them.

We did finally get under way at 10:30, an hour and a half late so this was going to make us a little late checking in to the park at Devonport, but we will just have to take it as it comes. Linda again vows that she will never again travel on the ferry, as she really does not handle sea travel. I didn’t think it was very rough, but then it does not bother me at all so I don’t really know what rough is.

We were a little fortunate when we drove onto the ferry as we were parked in a position that would mean we would be the very first off when we arrived in Devonport, and this meant that we weren’t really that late checking in to the park. We decided this time that we would check out the big4 park instead of the one we usually use, and it was not a very wise decision. The fact that we were late, and it was cold, and we were tired possibly had an influence on our feeling of the park but perhaps it didn’t. To start with the price was a few dollars dearer than the booklet indicated, but then we did expect that most parks in Tassie had increased their charges with the influx of travellers, but $28.00 for what we received was a little in excess seeing that it offered a lot less than most big4 parks on the mainland and was one of the most expensive. When we were setting up I had trouble with the power outlet where the safety mechanism within would not easily allow the power plug to be inserted, all outlets in the immediate area were the same, and I nearly broke the socket getting the plug to insert fully. I also noticed there was a TV outlet socket provided so to save setting my aerial up I decided to use theirs, and it didn’t work, so I had to set my own anyway.

I was also not happy with the fact that the sites were drive through and mainly used for overnight and they were so far out of level, so much so that I had to unhook the van from the car to get it level. Then the outside light for the en-suite didn’t work, so overall we were not very happy.

The next day, after letting the park managers know my feelings and telling them we would never be back, we headed off and made our way to Launceston, set up camp at Legana, and now feel settled comfortably once again. So now it is time to relax and without plans we will just casually do the few things we need to do and visit a few friends and family and just take things as they come.