Tuesday 20th January, (Kelso).

We have now moved to Kelso, and are looking forward to a lengthy stay here. I have spoken to some of our new neighbours and they are amazed that we have chosen to stay here for a period like 12 months permanently, but I answer by saying we will be living in the van no matter where it is parked.

We have noticed again that the park here gives that feeling that one could very easily occupy one’s time here. At the moment the park is rather full of young families, but strangely we do not seem to even notice the kids are even here.

Thursday 22nd January.

We have now settled in at Kelso and even started to clean up the van and offload unwanted articles.

I am enjoying, so far, our time at Kelso and it is looking like it might be a welcome place to spend our next 10-12 months. So much so in fact that I am starting to think that I may not even have time or the inclination to even apply for Newstart again, and have to put up with the work, or time one would have to put in to qualify.

My electronic woes are continuing: After buying a new mobile to get access to high speed data transfer I have had to reload the laptop with a compatible windows application, now done, and now my new phone has developed a fault and is in for repairs. I have also discovered that the battery in the laptop has failed, so if I can be bothered the next thing will be to find somebody to see if they can fix that. Hopefully soon things will settle down and I will not have to upgrade anything for a long time.