Wednesday 12th November, (Sydney- Goulburn).

So much for my plans of creating an easy drive through Sydney by staying at north Sydney and then an easy drive through. I picked a big4 park on the very northern suburbs, right next to the highway, so I would be able to leave there and just drive straight through. When I turned up at this caravan park, after missing the turnoff and having to find somewhere to turn around, I found that it had been closed down. As there are very few parks in Sydney area I then had no option to go to Parklea where we normally stay. This turned out not to be a big problem as I knew which way to go, but on my journey out of there it may as well have been peak our traffic as there was so much traffic around.

Anyway all that out of the way I have now moved on to Goulburn and have booked in for my usual two days, I wonder why I did book in for two days as I am now getting close to Melbourne and can’t wait to get there, or at least home. Perhaps if I wake early in the morning I may forgo a day’s rent and move on anyway, I do want to spend a couple of days at Albury so I can visit Nell’s in-laws. We’ll see what happens in the morning.