Saturday 18th October, (Woodgate).

We are now at Woodgate, about 50k south of Bundaberg, and this is a coastal town that we will remember for a lengthy stay in the future.

For a small town there are all the facilities one would need for a several week visit, although fuel is expensive, and the caravan park is across the road from an immaculate beach. There is also a fairly long walking/cycling track along the beachside that makes for good exercise.

We finally purchased a small oven for Linda, as she has missed being able to do her usual cooking because the oven in the van is not a full oven but rather a large griller. She is now very happy to be able to cook as she wishes, and I think I will be happy again, if I don’t fatten up too much, to be eating more home cooked food as I did in the past.