Cania Gorge

Monday 6th October, (Cania Gorge).

We are now at Cania Gorge, about 100k south of Biloela, and at first glance it seems to live up to all the hype we have heard about it. The caravan park gives one that country camping feel and has abundant wildlife. There are plenty of short bushwalks and we intend doing as many as we can.

Tuesday 7th October, (Cania Gorge).

Walking was the order for today, and the walks we did do were very good. The gorge itself is not over apparent as the growth within the gorge is large and blocks the view somewhat.

The weather was rather overcast during our walk as became quite obvious to us three quarters the way through the walk. It started raining while we were visiting one of the caves, so rather that get wet we thought this would be an ideal time to have lunch while under shelter and wait for it to stop raining. It was decided after lunch that if we waited for the rain to stop we may be there all day so there was no option to walk out in the wet. The only problem with this was that the temperature had dropped a fair bit due to the rain and now we were wet we were rather cold. A change of clothes and a heater turned on overcame the problem.

Most of the rest of the day was taken up sorting through kid’s photos for Linda to make an album for Louisa for Xmas.