Sunday 5th October, (Biloela).

We are now wishing that we had not bypassed Rolleston and Moura and stayed at one of those towns and passed by Biloela. The whole township does nothing for either of us and we were very disappointed with our sightseeing today.

We went to have a look at Callide dam, mine and power stations; We could not find a spot to get a decent shot of the dam, the lookout over the mine was surrounded by a wire mesh fence and not conducive to good photography, and there was not a good spot to get shot of the power stations.

We then visited an attraction called the Silo, a mining and agriculture exhibition, and even that was rather disappointing. They have quite a few displays on the workings of electrical devices, quite simple ones at that, and I looked forward to use my knowledge and explain to Linda how these devices worked. The disappointing part is that a number of these displays were non-functional having a sign stating they were under repair and will be working soon. It was too much of a coincidence that so many devices decided to fail at once I thought. We also found that the animals on display were also not present, or they were hiding under the bushes.

Collectively, with us not being completely happy with the caravan park and township itself, we have not over enjoyed our stay here at all. We were fortunate that we hadn’t paid for our park booking due to us being unsure of the duration of our visit, we had considered a full week, so we only paid for two days and we are moving tomorrow.