Wednesday 29th October, (Brisbane).

The new phone turned out to be a saga. It basically turns out that the windows application I am running is not in fact 98 second edition as I thought, and it is not compatible with the software for the data cable. I guess I am lucky that the phone has infrared capabilities and I managed to get it going via that. I still can’t get the 1X part working and I suspect it is because of the windows problem again, as I did not have the correct infrared modem to install. I fudged the connection with another modem and connected it to the infrared port, and it worked.

It turns out that I am reasonably happy with the new phone as it is working, so long as I keep getting a strong enough signal inside the caravan, so when I get back home and have some free time I will reload the laptop with a decent version of windows and start again, hopefully with a lot more success.

Well Linda has once again gone back to Tassie, so I am on my own again. It should be interesting this time as I won’t be in the one place during her absence, as I will be travelling down toward Melbourne.

The generator we are carrying has had a reasonable run over the last couple of days as the park we are staying at has had a problem, and as a result we have been without power for most of the past two days. This would normally not be a problem, with us then just running on 12 volts, but with Linda gone we decided to use the second fridge as a freezer for food and it was still trying to freeze all the food so the generator was a necessity.


Saturday 25th October, (Brisbane).

It is a pity we are in such a rush to get to Melbourne as places such as Rainbow Beach are ones that we could stay at for an extended period, but we did at least get to see it and we do know we will stay again when back this way. It is quite apparent why this place gets its name; the sand in the dunes along the beach is made up of many colours, hence rainbow. I have said that this was one of the most spectacular sights we have seen on our travels, but there have been so many and they are all spectacular in there own way.

We are now in Brisbane and we have had to make big changes to our travel plans again. We received an email from Louisa yesterday and she explained that she is having trouble coping with her pregnancy, being ill and all, so we decided that Linda will go home on Wednesday for a month or so to help her out. She will return to the mainland before Narrelle arrives for her visit.


Chapter 22.

I’m on my own for a while again.

Saturday 25th October 2003, (Brisbane).

I am not quite on my own yet; I have a couple of days of Linda’s company before she leaves on Wednesday. This time on my own will be a little different as I will not be staying in the one place, I will be travelling on my own making my way down toward Melbourne or until Linda decides to return. As I will be travelling I intend to make a few changes; eg the drinks fridge will be converted to a freezer so I won’t have to worry about buying food as often, this will free up some space in the van fridge for drinks. I will be able to freeze bread so I will have fresh whenever I need it.

I have purchased myself a new mobile phone, one that is capable of CDMA1X data transfer. This is a new system similar to GPRS for GSM phones, and is a fast connection, the speed depending on how expensive a plan one signs up for, I have so far chosen the pay-as-you-use. A little dearer, but I don’t intend using it for much else but emails so I will just have to see what use I do get out of it. Coverage is limited to capital cities at the moment so I will not get a great deal of use from it anyway. The new phone should be capable of the higher speed of 14,400 instead of the 9,600 of the old phone so that should be a bonus.

I am a little frustrated at the moment though as the data cable I have ordered will not turn up until Monday so even though I have downloaded the software the phone can’t be used for data as yet. The most frustrating part is that the phone and computer is capable of infrared connection, but I didn’t think to download the driver for that type connection, so if I had I would be able to use the phone for data now.

I guess the only option is to wait for the cord to turn up.

Rainbow Beach

Tuesday 21st October, (Rainbow Beach/Tin Can Bay).

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Woodgate and swore that we would return for an extended visit. Then we moved to Rainbow Beach/Tin Can Bay and now reckon that this is the place to be.

The whole area around here is sand, large hills all along the coast, all sand. There are numerous camping areas along Inskip Point, around from Rainbow Beach, and again it is all sand so one would need a 4 wheel drive to get one’s van in there.

We went for a walk up to a lookout to see a place called coloured sands, and wow what scenery, huge sand dunes and the colours in them.

We intend to go for a walk along the beach tomorrow and get a view of the dunes from below, and we have decided to visit Tin Can Bay on our way out on Thursday, as it is basically on our way, to have a look at the dolphin feeding.


Saturday 18th October, (Woodgate).

We are now at Woodgate, about 50k south of Bundaberg, and this is a coastal town that we will remember for a lengthy stay in the future.

For a small town there are all the facilities one would need for a several week visit, although fuel is expensive, and the caravan park is across the road from an immaculate beach. There is also a fairly long walking/cycling track along the beachside that makes for good exercise.

We finally purchased a small oven for Linda, as she has missed being able to do her usual cooking because the oven in the van is not a full oven but rather a large griller. She is now very happy to be able to cook as she wishes, and I think I will be happy again, if I don’t fatten up too much, to be eating more home cooked food as I did in the past.


Wednesday 15th October, (Bundaberg).

We had a trip to the local Botanic Gardens today, this is something we usually do in each city, but I do not often mention them. I mention this one because it was a little different with one lake still looking rather natural, but it contained trees full of nesting birds.


Tuesday 14th October, (Gladstone, Bundaberg).

Perhaps the Bathurst race being run on the weekend is the reason I haven’t put pen to paper. We moved from Cania gorge to Gladstone on Friday purely for the fact that Bathurst was on and I had every intention of watching it. It was a good race to watch and the weekend is now over.

We moved from Gladstone today with the idea of staying at a small coastal town called Seventeen Seventy but when we got there we changed our mind and went on to Bundaberg. At 1770 the campgrounds, caravan parks, were too expensive, there was no mobile coverage, no TV, and the parks were very full so we decided that a stay in later times when mobile and TV will be available, which will be soon. Because the parks were full at this time of year it seems we will have to make a booking when we do return.

Three days here will see us out this visit, and then we will check out a couple of other small coastal towns, Woodgate and Tin Can Bay, on our way south toward Brisbane with the idea of possibly staying at them.

Cania Gorge

Wednesday 8th October, (Cania Gorge).

Another walking day today, about 8-10k and my legs are telling me they had enough.

One walk we went on up a small hill gave us some spectacular views of sandstone formations.

Cania Gorge

Monday 6th October, (Cania Gorge).

We are now at Cania Gorge, about 100k south of Biloela, and at first glance it seems to live up to all the hype we have heard about it. The caravan park gives one that country camping feel and has abundant wildlife. There are plenty of short bushwalks and we intend doing as many as we can.

Tuesday 7th October, (Cania Gorge).

Walking was the order for today, and the walks we did do were very good. The gorge itself is not over apparent as the growth within the gorge is large and blocks the view somewhat.

The weather was rather overcast during our walk as became quite obvious to us three quarters the way through the walk. It started raining while we were visiting one of the caves, so rather that get wet we thought this would be an ideal time to have lunch while under shelter and wait for it to stop raining. It was decided after lunch that if we waited for the rain to stop we may be there all day so there was no option to walk out in the wet. The only problem with this was that the temperature had dropped a fair bit due to the rain and now we were wet we were rather cold. A change of clothes and a heater turned on overcame the problem.

Most of the rest of the day was taken up sorting through kid’s photos for Linda to make an album for Louisa for Xmas.


Sunday 5th October, (Biloela).

We are now wishing that we had not bypassed Rolleston and Moura and stayed at one of those towns and passed by Biloela. The whole township does nothing for either of us and we were very disappointed with our sightseeing today.

We went to have a look at Callide dam, mine and power stations; We could not find a spot to get a decent shot of the dam, the lookout over the mine was surrounded by a wire mesh fence and not conducive to good photography, and there was not a good spot to get shot of the power stations.

We then visited an attraction called the Silo, a mining and agriculture exhibition, and even that was rather disappointing. They have quite a few displays on the workings of electrical devices, quite simple ones at that, and I looked forward to use my knowledge and explain to Linda how these devices worked. The disappointing part is that a number of these displays were non-functional having a sign stating they were under repair and will be working soon. It was too much of a coincidence that so many devices decided to fail at once I thought. We also found that the animals on display were also not present, or they were hiding under the bushes.

Collectively, with us not being completely happy with the caravan park and township itself, we have not over enjoyed our stay here at all. We were fortunate that we hadn’t paid for our park booking due to us being unsure of the duration of our visit, we had considered a full week, so we only paid for two days and we are moving tomorrow.