Tuesday 9th September, (Townsville).

Unfortunately we had to forego the idea of coastal towns for a short while. The weather turned rough and with the rain and wind coming in from the sea stopovers at these places would not have been very welcoming, so we went straight on to Townsville. We have been here since Friday and will be here for a week. We should be able to visit quite a few of these type coastal towns on the remainder of our journey though.

We have decided that our travel arrangements will have to involve trips of about 200-250k between places and stay for a week at each and this should get us to Victoria in early December to be in time for Narrelle arriving from England.

We visited the botanical gardens today. Our map indicated there were in fact two gardens so we went to both. One was a little disappointing as rather than being a typical botanical garden it was more of a grassed park with trees. This park would be ideal for a picnic, or get-together, but it was not what we were looking for. The other was in fact the typical botanic garden, so we did our usual walk around looking and taking heaps of photos.

Thursday 11th September, (Townsville).

(Second anniversary twin towers)

We have again enjoyed our stay in Townsville and are now half packed and ready to move further south. We will probably reach Bowen tomorrow and stay for a few days only.