Wednesday 24th September, (Mackay).We had our guided bus tour today and although it was a pleasant change to not have to drive I don’t think we will go on another. With a little looking at information centres we could have found info about all we did see today, and we would not have had to see the couple of things that did not really interest us. It would also be a lot cheaper if I had drove myself and we would not have taken as long to make the trip. I also felt as tired after the trip as if I had driven myself anyway, although it was a different tired, more from the drone of bus engine noise I assume.

All in all though we did enjoy the trip, but to sum it up it was not worth the extra expense to go by bus.

The trip was to the Pioneer valley, taking in Finch Hatton Gorge and waterfalls, and up to Eungella, Pronounced ‘young-galah’, National Park that offered spectacular views back towards Mackay and the coastline. We did also get a fair bit of commentary about the ins and outs of sugar cane growing that was rather interesting.

We did go to see a place we would not have if we had not taken the bus, called ‘The Sugar Bowl’, which was a memorabilia come souvenir shop that was actually rather interesting, especially for Linda. There was a collection of old ‘everything’ from the past that bought back some memories, and the grandmother’s creation was a garden with sculptured plants and such.

We had thought that we would learn of other things, like bushwalks, to do in the area that were not covered by the tour and would then return on Friday to partake in some of those adventures, but we have decided that we saw enough of the area and had a good walk so it will not be necessary to return. This now means that we will have a nice relaxing day on Friday before packing up to leave on Saturday.